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The little Yellow Pill

Updated: 8-3-18

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EZ Pull Starter Kit $29

This recoil starter is designed to replace the recoil on any PU based engine. It sits approximately 1/2 inch taller then a regular starter. When you pull the cord, you wind a spring that transfers the energy to the engine eliminating the jerky feeling of a regular starter. This is especially useful for Helicopter and outboard engine use with light mounting

Zenoah Cylinders-$37

Pistons - $25

Piston Ring - $6

Wrist Pin - $6

Wrist Pin Clips $2 set

Flywheel - $40

Crank Assembly $55

Wrist Pin Spacer  $3 Set

Crank Shaft Bearing Set(2) $20.00

Wrist Pin Bearing- $5

Zero Drag Seals $22 Set


 Zero Drag Seals Teflon

$25 Set

Seal Rear (Small)
Seal Front (Large)
Set - $5

Crankshaft Key $2.00

Flywheel Nut $4

Recoil Assembly $23

Starter Rings

(Left) $10

(Right) $5.00


Coil Ignition (Gray) $40

Coil Source (Red) $60


Insulator Block $10


Zenoah Exhaust Gaskets

Cylinder Base Gasket $2
Carburetor Gasket - $2

Insulator Gasket $2


Crankcase Gasket $2


Water Cap "O" Rings Set $2

Spark Plug Boot & Spring (RED) $5

IRIDIUM Plug $10

NGK Spark Plug $3