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The little Yellow Pill

Updated: 8-3-18

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The Slingshot is already a Two Time National Champion and World Record Holder.

Over 9 years of R&D has been put into this design, and it has already proven itself to be a top contender.  The 1st class kit contains all of wood required to build, foam for the sponsons, isolators, glass booms, and sponson pins.

Above pictured is the
NEW Slingshot Gas Rigger
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Slingshot Gas Rigger Kit
Slingshot Gas Rigger Accessories


Backlash Sports Hydro Kit & Accessories

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Above are pictures of the NEW Backlash. It is 49" long and 22-3/8" wide. Weighs about 14 pounds, RTR.  The boat broke the 2 lap IMPBA oval record. A LOT of time, a LOT of frustrations, and a LOT of sweat went into this design.  This hull is great in the smooth water, and awesome in the rough stuff,  We ran thru the traps at 73 mph into 15 mph winds with a lot of chop on the water.  Truly an awesome boat for 2011 to add to your fleet. 

A lot of time was spent making sure this kit is the best we have ever produced. Pre-burned holes for the engine mount (Hyper Torque Style) and stuffing tube will make this boat a breeze to build.  Looking forward to the build thread!


Whiplash Sports Hydro Kit
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Whiplash Gas Sport Hydro Kit is cut from a CNC laser with exact precision. All skins are 1/16'' 3-ply birch aircraft grade plywood, and the frames are 1/8'' 3 ply birch plywood. You can buy the kit with or without a fiberglass cowl. A 10 page instruction manual and a CAD layout are also included.

Whiplash GV Sports Hydro  White $525

Shipping & Unsharpened Turn Fin is Include in the price of the boat - USA lower 48

Top Colors
Bottom Color
Whiplash GV Cowl Colors

Custom Colors - $25 will be added. Call for Availability

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52'' Lauterbach Thunderboat Kit
$300.00 ( Includes Fiberglass Cowl )

 Does NOT include fake blower, exhaust pipes , or SHIPPING

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$215 -  ( Includes Fiberglass Cowl )

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Fastest Decked Hydro in the World...98mph with Electric Power.
$150 ( Includes Fiberglass Cowl )

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