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The little Yellow Pill

Updated: 8-3-18

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Performance Modifications

Increased Compression
Timing set to 190 Degrees
Different Port Angles
Four Eye Brow Design
Reshaped Exhaust Port
Extensive Piston Modifications
Trued Crank Shaft
Balanced Fly Wheel

All Stainless Steel Bolts


After decades of lying dormant this most lethal strain of the toxin has emerged.

By combining the lethal toxin and a mixture of three primary agents, Reshaping of the Exhaust Port, a lethal administration of Four Eyebrow Porting to the cylinder and increase timing.

The effects may result in the competition being overwhelmed with a sudden occurrence of chest pain and difficulty breathing leading to septic shock.

The Anthrax Toxin adds unique reshaping and timing to the exhaust port as well as complete piston modification to produce Optimal Torque and High-Performance RPM’s


Extracted from the Deadly Venom Engine and enhanced, the NEUROTOXIN is a much more potent poison.  It’s capable of effecting the competition causing rapid setting paralysis, loss of mental abilities, loss of feeling and, sometimes loss of consciousness. The most common effect of the Neurotoxin is rapid-setting paralysis, useful to keep the competition from running away. The Neurotoxin has the ability to administer a combination of Outstanding Torque and High RPM’s with Effective Horse Power.
The Neurotoxin Poison adds extensive reshaping and timing to produce Optimal Torque and High-Performance RPM’s. This allows a wider range of props to be used on various types of boats.

Performance Modifications

Compression Increased
Timing Increased
Extensive Exhaust Work
Reshaped Exhaust Port
Extensive Piston Modifications
Trued Crank Shaft
Balanced Fly Wheel
All Stainless Steel Bolts
Anthrax Spec 7 Mods
Neurotoxin 260 PUM

Deposits for Modified Engines are NON REFUNDABLE


Utilizing the Zenoah G231PUM 22.5cc engine Toxic Marine’s Screamin Demon engine is capable of extreme RPM's which will have your competitors cowering in fear. 
The Screamin’ Demon engine uses the Zenoah G231PUM engine to create a high-performance, high-RPM engine. Designed to maximize the output of the the 22.5cc Zenoah marine engine, the Screamin’ Demon is capable of amazing speeds when matched with the proper tuned pipe and propeller.

Deposits for Modified Engines are


Performance Modifications

Compression boosted
Intake ported
Exhaust ported
Transfer ports modified
Piston modified & lightened
Toxic Racing Machines Water Jacket
Screamin Demon Mods